About Royscapes

Peak Meditation

My name is Roy Carr, the photographer behind Royscapes.Com.

For the last 30 years I have been making photographs. They are a celebration of my love of the outdoors. I have walked throughout my life into some of the wild places of Britain and beyond. I have climbed and cycled for much of it too, including my big adventure – a solo cycle ride from Cardiff to the south of Morocco, a journey of 4,500 miles.

In my photographs I try to communicate my emotional connection to the wonderful views before me and my joy of being there. I would like to share this with you.

My approach is slow and deliberate. Composition is key and I will spend hours waiting for the light, often returning to the same place until I find what I am looking for. These return journeys give me the opportunity to portray the same place at different times of the year, in different weather and light.

I also love the way that photographs can tell a story so I have also turned my attention to documentary photography, starting with my project A Year In Their Livesa study of sheep farming in south Wales (see my separate page devoted entirely to this.) Watch out for more!

To give you an insight into how I work, here is a link to a piece I wrote about the making of the photograph featured on this page which I call Peak Meditations